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Painting your space is always an exciting task, but choosing the right colours, quality products, and the best painting company is never an easy task. As we know painting helps the interior of your home in a cost-effective way to create a new life in your space by promoting healthy air and protecting the home from inclement weather, particularly the sun, ice, and snow.

Give an elevated look to your walls with Dextor

Never worry about finding the best painting services in Dubai. Dextor is here for you. What makes us a good choice is our detailed dedication to different stages of work. As we know the durability of every painting coat completely depends upon the complete and careful preparation of the surface before painting. The surface should be even and smooth. We are extra vigilant and careful about this and pay extra attention to this.

So how do we handle this so quickly? We always make sure we have the right number of painters for the job and use a painting technique with mechanised tools and systems that we have perfected for years. These two things – our people and our process –allow us to get the job done without completely interrupting your day. We’ll do a walkthrough before we leave and check in after to ensure you’re happy because your happiness is ours.

Our painting process

Once you book your painting job we’ll set up a call with you to go over all the details and answer any questions. Our trained estimators provides a personalized detailed proposal that outlines our painting services and our expert painters will work with your proposal to ensure that the painting project is completed on time and within budget. Before beginning your painting project, our crew will complete a walkthrough of your property to assess the project and prepare your space for painting.